Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Make It Your Way

There are a number of foods you can take and make your own and Pizza definitely sits on top of that list. When I think laid back; Friday night; week-end; warm weather and a nice cold beer. Yeah, it's pizza. Mind you I am not talking about the fast food greasy, soft, sloppy, salty and over priced pizza.
I got tired of trying different pizzas and with every bite; it was "I can do better", what a waste of hard earned money. I wanted something with flavour, taste, soft texture inside, and a thin crisp outer layer. I wanted to bite into a slice of pizza and experience a mix of dynamic flavours coming alive inside my mouth as the melted cheese makes a string of melody as my lips plays along.
Fresh herbs, Caribbean spices and as much or as little cheese you want-heck make it a lot of that gooey gooey melted goodness. 

It was a fun creative experience which turned out to be delicious; this is The Bam D Pizza Spinach, goat cheese, caramelize onions with sprinkles of cumin seeds, thin slices of spicy salami, pepperoni, colourful sweet peppers, thai basil, corn and pineapple makes this a winning combo, and a garlic crust completes this beauty.

This is home made pizza made easy, inexpensive, fresh, loaded with YOUR favourite toppings.
The Bam D Pizza
The toppings and dough can be prepared the night before; so the night you're planning to serve it; it's just load and go and within 45 minutes I had myself a. well take a look.  if you'd like the recipe drop me a line.

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