Friday, February 24, 2012

It's not that Complicated

I've been unable to post every week as promised, it wasn't on purpose or neglect in anyway; I have still been diligent in taking pictures of food cooked, and continue to be creative in the kitchen. 

Today, it''s about bread making and like the title says "it's not that complicated" is a truth and no, I am not talking about bread making with a bread machine. I don't know if you can relate, but kneading bread in some ways is therapeutic; fine you LOL, but that has been my experience.

Bread making for me started by observation;every Saturday morning my mom or dad would pull out the largest basin (bowl) and without measuring any ingredients, they would proceed to add flour, salt, margarine, sugar and yeast mixture into the basin, and mix together.  Then the fun part would begin; me the water pouter would have the pleasure of making a well in the centre of the flour mixture, and pour water into the hole. My parent would then begin the pulling together of wet and dry to form a massive dough; all sticky and pasty and my job was to add water or more flour as told.

The final outcome would be a well formed, smooth, elastic soft but firm dough. A clean towel would cover the dough and timer set for two hours. I would make frequent trips to the kitchen to see this big blob of dough rise rapidly, which fascinated me. 
OK, time to oil the pans - yeah, the second fun part is here. I loved watching the dough spread out on the table like the slow crawl of lava flowing from a volcano. With rapid motion from years of experience the dough would be sliced with a sharp knife into even pieces, rolled out on the table and with three 12" lengths they're braided; yes, like plaiting hair:)

By now you must know I am a lover of anything, or just about anything made with flour. Aside from kneading and eating fresh bread, the smell while it is being baked is one smell that never grows old on you. You know that bottle of perfume you save for special occasions and used sparingly? Well take it from me, the smell of bread is oh so ah, good. The finished product is simply beautiful; the tearing of warm bread with steam rising and butter spattered on quickly melts before it disappears into my mouth. 

Well, still to this day my mom continues to bake her own bread, and over the past 3 months we've decided to follow suit. Why? for health reason it's about preservatives and the other is cost.
Next post I will share the ease in baking bread from scratch; and you can give your bread machine a break.

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