Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roti Roti Roti

We all have a favourite food we grew up with, and regardless of where we live or how older and wiser we get:); our favourite still remains a favourite. It's like having a faithful pet dog who sticks with you no matter what; like your shadow that you just can't shake and don't want to.  If you never had a pet dog then it's like your favourite blanket or suse (pacifier).

Well, tonight I am delighted to share one of my all time favourites. with you;roti. I remember as a child walking into our kitchen, and watched as my mom mixed the dough by hand, rolled out small balls , then patiently she would roll each ball into a round thin flat shapes, rub some oil or ghee on it, slit it partially with a dull knife, make a fancy like twirl and set it aside.  This process was done to the dozen or so soft rolled balls. I would sit there waiting impatiently as my mind day dreamed of taking the warm cooked soft flaky bread into my chubby hands; tore it apart and stuffed a piece into my hungry mouth.

Roti is cooked on what is called a Tawa; picture a frying pan without handle or sides.
 Roti is made with five simple ingredients; water, flour, salt, baking powder, and oil. You mix everything together, except the oil which is used for basting, and then roll and cook.

Though the ingredients are simple and common, it is a complex food to make, but once you get the hang of it; it's a beautiful thing.

Roti can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner, but goes exceptionally well with curry chicken, beef, fish or goat. The most popular is curry chicken, and if you have any left overs, peanut butter and jam, or scrambled fried eggs in the morning is also a winning combo.

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