Friday, July 19, 2013

It's final - crab is not my thing

Last week-end me and my partner visited our local fish wharf and came home with fresh salmon, prawns and live dungeness crabs. Fresh seafood hands down is a home run, we were stoked to shell out some cash for this amazing catch, and the cost was a steal. We made the hour drive to pick up salmon and prawns, and the crabs were a last minute buy; a crowd of anxious customers around the boat that just arrived along with the size of the crabs was the pull.

Now, let me just say that I enjoy eating crabs when it's shelled for me - hey, my dad always showed his love by doing the work, cooking, cracking, and I ate it. My first question to Maria was "do you know how to cook crab?" and I was assured, positively yes. In my mind I am thinking - if she knows how to cook em, she certainly knows how to crack em:)

Right to play not applicable to this crab

 Once the crabs were cooked, I decided to get involved in the whole experience - after all, this was my first time cooking crab, and I figure it was time I grow up and do my own crab cracking. You have to really love crab meat to enjoy the long slow process of cracking claws, digging out the meat and if you're fortunate like I was to have the juice from the crab sprayed all over your glasses and shirt when I cracked a claw - priceless. 
Ready for the cracking

What was my take away from that crab experience? Though I wasn't crabby about it, I realized it's just not my thing, and no, not because I had to do my own cracking either.  

To your health and enjoyment!

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