Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Feeding the body and nourishing relationships

I never imagine I would ever be here in this line up, hat pulled low, sunglasses on though the weather was a reflection of how I was feeling on the inside, dark and dull and no doubt it showed. I was at my lowest of low! I'd successfully graduated from coaching and counselling college two months ago, sent out hundreds of resumes, made calls, visited offices, seen counselors and coaches, but nothing...no bites, and I was out of money.
And there I was swallowing my pride as big as a horse, and stood shoulder to shoulder with people who had their own story to tell to get a hand up. You read that right, a hand up NOT a hand out!

Two months later, the flood gates of multiple opportunities started coming in fast and furious, and today I'm comfortably blessed with not one but two jobs, doing what I love. Working in a brokerage firm and building my coaching practice, a beautiful thing and I am fulfilled.

Said all that to say this - food, the need for it brings us together. It's in that common need we relate with each other and feel connected even if we don't know each others first names.
It's during my time of lack I found my passion for being in my most favorite place in my home - the kitchen was lost. I still cooked, however the limited access to the ingredients I am used to cooking with wasn't there, and my meals lacked the love. You can say some meals were cooked in bitterness, anger and resentment, and it showed!

What I learned a lot during that short stint of lack 

  • Never take for granted what I have
  • Never wasted 
  • If my attitude is bad in the kitchen it shows up in the taste
  • Find something every day to be grateful for
And with that I re-launch this cooking blog to share with you one of my passions...my love for cooking and deep appreciation for food cooked and shared with loved ones, with a new perspective and appreciation.

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  1. Gratitude, of utmost importance. I often think of the story you told of your Mom, cutting the chicken.. :) Very nice Diane!