Saturday, December 3, 2011

Into New Herb Terrority

A few nights back during dinner time my partner says to me "do you ever try cooking with other herbs and spices besides what you are familiar with?" Shocking! I beg your pardon are you tired of the spices and herbs I used? No way! my response was genuinely sincere "you mean like Thai, Medetarrian, Mid Eastern spices etc?" Yes!  Actually no, but now that you've presented that question I will.

I am actually glad she asked that question because it is a way for me to not just "try" but experience and discover the difference of cooking with other spices and herbs beyond my norm. It's about be creative and adventurous; some myself and others will enjoy, some not so much, but that is part of the foodies journey.
Introducing Herb - Thai Basil. It is rich in flavour, adaptable to many dishes besides its popular Thai and Asian foods. It is striking in colours of deep purple with a tinge of red, like a  glass of full bodied red. Thai basil will be added an Indian dish I plan on cooking. (Recipe will be shared at a later post).  Creamy coconut milk, pineapple chunks, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, curry and some protein which is yet to be determined will join together to create a new recipe with ingredients used by many cultures that will hopefully become a keeper and fresh new must have in our kitchen.

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