Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One of Week-end's best

It's a lazy Sunday morning, the sun is doing its darnest to creep into the bedroom, but the blackout curtains are doing a good job at keeping it out. One day of the week; please you need one day to forget about schedules, timelines and time keeping.
The mind should only be spent thinking about food; brunch, a mid afternoon snack, dinner and what bottle of red goes good with what you're planning on throwing on the grill.

Yeah, it is time for some hot off the frying pan; home made pancakes. The treasured Canadian  Maple Syrup, a thin slice of butter melting and slowly gliding its way down to the bottom of the plate in a stream of not too sweet river of the best syrup this side of heaven.

We are not going to all this trouble to quickly throw together a batch of cakes from Aunt Jemima's box are we? No offence Aunt J your cakes are the best in a box, but today it's from scratch.

The basics are available in the kitchen. Flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt, a dash of nutmeg, a tbsp. of sugar, a drizzle of olive oil, a handful of grated coconut, stir your butter milk egg mixture to form a semi lumpy batter.
Sit for 5 min and get your apples chopped, bananas sliced and blueberries ready.

The griddle sizzle from being tested with a splash of water; it is ready. Drop the batter by 1/3 cup add a mixture or one of the toppings.
To splurge add a bit of cream cheese on top of the hot finished pancakes before pouring a tad of maple. Tell me you are ready, cause I am.

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