Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Walk about in SanDiego

A trip to San Diego was on my "bucket list" and a few weeks ago me and my partner made the trip. It was two fold...we are drowning in an over abundance of rain here and was desperate for some warm sunny weather and seafood;  so we headed South and it was one of my most enjoyable trips.
Besides the weather being just right, San Diego has got to be one of if not the most beautiful State in the US...just saying. The views of the ocean and beaches for miles and as wide were breath taking. The smell of the ocean, the high boisterous waves,  the hikes to La Jolla park, and Torrey Pine were all great memorable experiences. 
The locals were friendly and their food - well, let's get to it.

We just about by passed Coronado Island, but was highly encouraged by the locals to visit, and boy we are so glad we did. After a stroll around the island, we did one of our most favourite things. We set out to find the best cafe or restaurant that served seafood and happy hour. A thing about happy hour; they can be found just about everywhere in San Diego from inexpensive to high end classy joints. Happy hour is a great deal and a bonus is to find really tasty food plus happy hour; double the pleasure.
Hello "Candelas on the Bay" a mid to high end restaurant located on the board walk and pleasant décor.
We lucked out in securing a booth, ordered a margarita and Sangria (the best Maria ever had) it was time to order.  Shrimp tacos, soft shells with shrimps marinated in a rosé sauce with a kick got us up and running. The flavours were bursting in our mouths. The pulled pork nachos was creative and succulent, and the fresh green salad with walnuts and goat cheese was refreshing. Everything under $25 and we were stuffed.

Brunch, lunch or Dinner at Humphries Restaurant is a must, and if you have the time then have all three, you won't be disappointed. You can't go wrong with their scallop dinner or seafood risotto. Brunch a well balance variety and you taste the freshness in every meal.

Now my to do list is to try and recreate a few of those amazing dishes and share them with you.

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