Monday, October 1, 2012

Kitchen Time is Play Time

Kids of all ages get stoked to visit Disney Land; I experience that same kind of exhilarated rush when I enter my kitchen. I am over the moon passionate about cooking as I am about writing and sharing on this wonderful art that continues to grow and expand in so many different ways. 

Today,  I want to touch on the subject of "Did you know" and periodically you'll find posts dedicated to "Did you know"; you can call it an expansion of "Tips" on a more in depth scale.

So, let's get to today's 

Did you Know:

 Experimenting in the kitchen can be very educational and creative, rewarding and lucrative empowering and fun.

Educational and Creative- the Kitchen, where you feel like and are the Queen or King of your domain, you can educate yourself.  You have the opportunity to strengthen your craft, and besides the hundreds of cooking shows on TV you have enough resources at your fingertips to sharpen your skill.
From mixing different liquids to create your own sauces, and dry spices and herbs to create your own signature rub. To substituting one ingredient for another, you keep what works and vibrates a resounding yes to your palate, and write off the ones that makes the muscles in your face twitch.

Rewarding and Lucrative - there's something to be said when you create or take an old recipe and make it your own. When you take ingredients on a whim and turn it into a crowd pleaser. When you run out of store bought BBQ sauce, and you make your own, or pancake, waffle and crepe syrup, and you decide - I am going to whip something together, and it becomes so amazingly delicious it has the potential to become a product sold in grocery stores. 

Empowering and Fun - it is in those moments that you realized that you are a chef; no you didn't attend culinary school though that has it's advantage, but you have a gift, you derive great joy from working with ingredients to make dishes for your family and friends to enjoy. There's a sense of excitement that comes when you watch what's in your mind unfolds and becomes something beautiful on a plate that awakens the sense of sight, smell and taste.
And, on an off day when the idea doesn't fully come together, you don't walk away in defeat; rather it's another important lesson learned for the next time. A little more, a little less, a pinch of this, a splash of that, let it simmer longer, you'll get it right.

Stir the pot of your mind  and make a dry rub or sauce from the ingredients available in your  kitchen, and use it in your next meal. You will be inspired, and another creative side to your your love for cooking will emerge.

To your enjoyment and health!

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